Workshop Services

The Storm Aviation Group provide workshop services based in Manchester, England covering Part 145 component repair and overhaul & Part21G new manufacture capabilities.

Workshop Services

Part 145 Component Repair & Overhaul

We are a CAA, EASA & FAA approved organisation conducting component repair and overhaul services; our workshops can provide customers with CAA/FAA dual release Form1’s and/or EASA Form1’s for each component that falls within the following categories:

  • C1 Air Conditioning and Pressurisation
  • C4 Doors and Hatches
  • C5 Electrical power
  • C6 Equipment
  • C7 Engines – APU’s
  • C8 Flying Controls
  • C17 Pneumatics
  • C18 Protection, ice, rain and fire
  • C20 Structures

Part 21G Production

We are also a CAA P21G approved production organisation; with this approval we can perform the production of category C2 (Parts) which includes metallic airframe parts, secondary non-metallic parts, together with simple electrical components as part of their assemblies. The parts we produce can be given a CAA Form1, as long as the design comes from an approved CAA P21J organisation and we as the POA have a direct contract with the DOA.

With CNC routers, milling machines, conventional machines and supported with good old-fashioned hand formed bench skills, our workshop is able to respond effectively to your manufacturing needs, either on an AOG or routine basis.

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